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Refund Policy

Assignment Master's Refund Policy:

   Our goal has always been to satisfy our clients, so we have designed all our policies to benefit them the most. Considering the importance of maintaining a good relationship with each of our clients/students, we have also designed a refund policy. We encourage everyone to read and understand these policies before placing an order or requesting a refund as it will not only save time for both parties but will also help them avoid any kind of conflict in the future.  Assignment Master's digital services are all subjected to this policy.


Revision Policy

As per our revision policy, all users of 'Assignment Master' have the right to free revisions –

  • We offer free revisions up to three times to the customer and a revision is only provided if the project guidelines are not followed.
  • Any additional requirements/changes/modifications after project completion will be considered extra work and you will be charged accordingly.
  • If the customer presents any kind of dispute to Assignment Master, then Assignment Master is not responsible for revising the work.
  • Revision time will vary depends on our working hours and the complexity of the project approx. 24-48hours.
  • All grammatical errors, conceptual errors, or word counts will be corrected for free.
  • You cannot claim a refund if the revision of the project is delayed.

Please let us know if you find anything that was not done as per your instructions either by calling us or through WhatsApp.


Refund Policy

Assignment Master ensures good quality work for every project thus ensuring the student gets excellent grades.

  • If the user makes the payment twice by mistake then he/ she is liable for full refund of the additional payment done
  • If the user cancels the order once the expert is assigned to the project then he/she will not be eligible for any refund.
  • On some rare occasions, if Assignment Master is not able to complete the project, the money paid for the order can be refunded or used by the user for next assignment as per user agreement.
  • If the user makes any claim or dispute, our Accounts Team will verify the claims and resolve the dispute.
  • Once the dispute is resolved and cases goes to client favor we will refund the amount to the source account.  Any transaction fee or operational charges will not be eligible for refund.  
  • If you have some valid reasons, you might be able to get a full or half refund (the amount may vary in different situations) or else the claim will be rejected.


You Are Not Entitled To A Refund If: 

Since we provide our services online, we might have to collect some necessary information from our Students/Clients to work on orders.

However, we strictly keep the collected information at secret place as we don’t want it to get stolen or misused.

  • Once we receive an order from a client, we immediately send it into process so it can be completed well in time. After editing and proofreading, the final version of the project is sent to the client. On receipt, client has 2-3 days to review final copy of the project and evaluate if it needs changes or amendments. Our customer support staff can be informed about the revisions within this period of 2-3 days. We believe our experts quality and we don’t issue Refund, for you not liking the quality. Instead we will try our best to overcome your issue.
  • A lower grade/quality work than what was expected is received: Please keep in mind that guarantee of grades solely depends upon student submission and presentation or explanation.  The assignment solutions that we provide are tailored as draft samples only or as a point of reference and are not ready for submission and not to be submitted directly as one’s own work.
  • You must be sure that you did include the instructions in your order form. If you request for a refund on the basis of false information, you would not be allowed any kind of compensation.
  • Avoid lame reason such as Typographical errors, Spelling mistakes, Renaming file or document name, formatting orders, Linguistic issues: All such mistakes can be easily rectified and thus, you better request for a revision rather than a refund. If you think the changes are not too big because in case of rectifiable mistakes, Refund claim will not be considered as valid. 
  • Lack of knowledge : If you are requesting for any assignment help we consider you understand the basic of programming like how to run, what to compile and how to programming constructs or flow and your system has proper configuration and IDEs for running the code. If you failed to do this things refund will not be granted to avoid such cases please let us know before placing order so that our expert guides you to install those libraries or packages to run the code. 
  • If you fail the Assignment the valid fail report with feedbacks and marks are mandatory. We don’t accept Email screenshots, Text messages, WhatsApp message as failed report. If the report is as per the requirements we do Re-sit free of charge we don’t Refund the payment.
  • Third party involvement: We strongly discourage the involvement of third parties in refund claim at the very first stage as we believe in resolving all issues with our Students/Clients through direct coordination in an amicable manner. Thus, the involvement of a third party must be taken as the last option or else it will be treated as the violation of our terms and conditions.
  • Anything which is not part of initial discussion or requirement will be considered as extra work so you'll have to pay accordingly.

Clients are solely responsible for making sure that the work or service received was satisfactory within 3 calendar days if something is missing or not completed you can let us know before. 

Disclaimer: if you find anything which is not done per instruction let us know?  The assignment/project solutions that we provide are tailored as draft samples only or as a point of reference and are not ready for submission and not to be submitted directly as one’s own work.  You are solely responsible for such mistake.